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Investors are betting 3DR can find life after Solo as a drone data platform

Startup News - 5 hours 23 min ago
 An early player in drone-tech, 3D Robotics Inc., announced that it has raised $53 million in a Series D round of funding on Thursday, including new equity funding and conversion of debt equity. Atlantic Bridge led the round joined by Autodesk Forge Fund, True Ventures, Foundry Group, Mayfield and other undisclosed investors, according to the company statement. The company didn’t break… Read More
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For OpenGov, President Trump is proving a boon for business

Startup News - 11 hours 50 min ago
 OpenGov, a company whose software helps local governments keep transparent financial records, has been picking up speed in a variety of ways, and co-founder and CEO Zac Bookman traces some of that momentum to the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president. Read More
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Barry, Dave, Bob? More startups ‘humanize’ their offerings

Startup News - 19 hours 9 min ago
 Naming companies is a daunting task, as anyone who does it for a living can attest. “It’s difficult to criticize a name,” says S.B. Master, a Berkeley, Ca.-based founder who has launched two naming companies in her career. “From choosing a name, to getting a team to agree to it, to clearing that name from a trademark and URL and social media standpoint — it’s… Read More
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Steve Case to talk Aol, startups and ‘the rise of the rest’ at Disrupt NY

Startup News - 19 hours 19 min ago
 Aol founder and noted venture capitalist Steve Case is coming to Disrupt NY this May, and there’s plenty to talk about. Since leaving Aol in 2005, Case has invested in startups in smaller markets, and the last few years he’s traveled the country, exploring and highlighting budding startup scenes outside of Silicon Valley. Read More
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Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man Ozobots are on the way

Startup News - 2017, April 27 - 11:39pm
 Ozobot, a golf ball-sized toy robot that helps kids learn to code, will be available in the form of Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man characters as of this summer. Evollve Inc., which makes the Ozobot, has previously offered character skins from Disney’s Marvel Avengers, including Iron Man and Captain America. Read More
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Propel raises $4M to make the social safety net more tech savvy and user friendly

Startup News - 2017, April 27 - 10:00pm
 Some big names are making an investment in food stamps — specifically in Propel, a startup that helps food stamp recipients manage their benefits. Propel is announcing that it has raised $4 million in seed funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Omidyar Network, Kevin Durant’s The Durant Company and Max Levchin’s SciFi VC, as well as previous investors Jay Borenstein, WinWin and… Read More
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TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics to feature iconic roboticists from MIT, Disney and iRobot

Startup News - 2017, April 27 - 9:46pm
 TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics is a couple of months away, and the agenda is filling up. Our one-day event in cooperation with MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) takes place on July 17, and today we’re thrilled to highlight just some of the excitement taking place on stage, in workshops and in exhibits. Tickets are now available for purchase. Read More
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Everfi raises $190 million to teach life skills and touchy subjects online

Startup News - 2017, April 27 - 11:16am
 EVERFI Inc. has raised $190 million in Series D funding to teach students online the life skills and touchy subject matter that they never learned in school. A sampling of courses offered by Everfi range from “Harassment Prevention Training” for the workforce, to “Alcohol EDU” for college students and “Vault Understanding Money” for fourth-, fifth- and… Read More
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More than 800 startups ask FCC chair to not kill net neutrality

Startup News - 2017, April 27 - 9:55am
 Today, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai released the broad strokes of his plan to abandon consumer protections to the benefit of large corporate players in the telecommunications industry. While major telecom companies are looking forward to Pai’s FCC makeover, the same can’t be said for everyone else in tech. After Pai’s announcement, a group of more than 800 names in tech sent Pai… Read More
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Luxe to end door-to-door valet service, will launch ‘new service’ this summer

Startup News - 2017, April 27 - 9:35am
 Luxe started as a company that promised to make parking in busy cities less awful with an app that summoned blue-jacketed, scooter-carrying valets to your location to whisk away your car until you needed it back. It seems they’re pivoting away from that initial vision. Read More
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Crunch Report | Instagram Grows To 700M Users

Startup News - 2017, April 27 - 9:00am
 Today’s Stories  Instagram’s growth speeds up as it hits 700 million users Twitter desperately needed a hit first-quarter and somehow managed to deliver Amazon’s new Echo Look has a built-in camera for style selfies Uber is making it easier to see your rider rating Investor Chris Sacca is retiring from venture capital Credits Written and Hosted by: Anthony Ha Filmed… Read More
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Dropbox really wants us to know its finances are healthy

Startup News - 2017, April 27 - 7:30am
 Healthy financial milestones sugarcoat the conversation temporarily, but eventually Drew Houston is going to have to step into the public markets. At that point nobody will care how fast Dropbox grew its revenue back in the day. The question will be whether Dropbox is a company that can eventually sustain $10 billion in yearly revenue. Read More
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Nvidia adds 6 AI startups to its venture investment portfolio

Startup News - 2017, April 27 - 1:11am
 When Nvidia makes investments in AI startups, it’s probably a good idea to sit up and take note: The GPU maker has essentially enabled modern AI in many ways, and so it’s probably seen the gamut of potential applications of its technology over the years, and should know better than most what’s likely to work out and what isn’t. Six new companies have garnered not… Read More
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Synthego co-founder Paul Dabrowski is coming to Disrupt New York 2017

Startup News - 2017, April 27 - 12:03am
 Genetic engineering startup Synthego makes synthetic ribonucleic acid (RNA), an important genetic component found in all living cells and also used in CRISPR Cas9, a technology enabling scientists to rip out unwanted genetic code with scissor-like precision. The company was founded four years ago by brothers Paul and Michael Dabrowski. Read More
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Taylor Farms wants to make food without fossil fuels

Startup News - 2017, April 26 - 11:40pm
 As industries go, agriculture represents one of the worst environmental offenders, according to research by the United Nations Environment Programme. Farms need tending around the clock. So besides all the fertilizers, pesticides and water they use, farms also burn a lot of fossil fuels and money to keep the lights on, tractors rolling and refrigerators humming. Now one major agricultural… Read More
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Token, with $2.5 million in funding, wants to help you find the perfect gift

Startup News - 2017, April 26 - 11:07pm
 There is nothing better than giving someone the perfect gift. So it’s only natural that giving the wrong gift, for which you searched tirelessly and still came up short, is one of the worst feelings in the world. That’s where Token comes in. The startup, launching publicly today from the Human Ventures startup studio, wants to take on the challenge of gift-giving with a little… Read More
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Robinhood stock-trading app confirms $110M raise at $1.3B valuation

Startup News - 2017, April 26 - 11:00pm
 Zero-fee stock-trading app Robinhood has joined the unicorn club. That’s thanks to it reaching 2 million total monthly users, and 17 percent month-over-month growth of its revenue-driving Robinhood Gold subscription product. The startup confirmed to TechCrunch that it’s raised a $110 million Series C at a $1.3 billion valuation. Read More
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Huddly raises $10M to “reinvent the camera” with a computer-vision platform for video meetings

Startup News - 2017, April 26 - 10:47pm
 Huddly, a Norway-based startup that sells a camera targeting remote company meetings (or huddles) and is building out what it describes as a “computer-vision” platform to help managers glean better data from those meetings, has raised $10 million in Series B funding. It brings total raised to $20 million, not including a $3 million research grant. Read More
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Telegraph Media Group acquires UK exam preparation app Gojimo

Startup News - 2017, April 26 - 6:55pm
 Gojimo, an app that helps U.K. high school students prepare for exams, has been acquired by Telegraph Media Group, the publisher of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph newspapers. Terms of the deal remain undisclosed, but from what I gather the Gojimo team are staying on and the company will still be run as a separate entity. Read More
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AIDoc Medical raises $7M to bring AI to medical imaging analysis

Startup News - 2017, April 26 - 5:33pm
 We are probably still quite some way off from seeing Artificial Intelligence (AI) replace doctors, but there are already lots of proven use-cases where AI is being used to augment the medical profession. One proven area is in medical imaging where AI and computer vision is helping with medical scan and imaging analysis to help support radiologists and other clinicians. Read More
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