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Run to the rock

Startup News - 9 hours 54 min ago
 The past week has been a tough one for lovers of freedom. Slippery slopes have been slid down and a side of the human mind that once remained in shadow has reared its head. Charlottesville is just the first step down a dark road. In real life, on the public square, our support of freedom of speech and public assembly – a freedom that has long helped hater and lover alike – is in… Read More
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The TechCrunch Podcast: Augmented reality’s promise

Startup News - 11 hours 55 min ago
 Welcome back to the TechCrunch Podcast, where we take a deeper dive into the hottest topics coming down tech’s pike. In this episode, Founders Fund partner Cyan Banister and Super Ventures managing partner Matt Miesnieks joined TechCrunch editor-in-chief Matthew Panzarino to talk the past, present and future of augmented reality. Read More
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Confirmed: Color Genomics is in the final stages of an $80 million Series C financing round

Startup News - 15 hours 19 min ago
 Genetic health screening startup Color Genomics has raised $52 million so far in what could end up totaling just over $81 million in equity financing, according to a recent SEC filing. Color is similar to other genetics startups in that it provides information to you based on the DNA given in a spit tube test. Read More
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Pinterest users can now pinch-to-zoom on photos in the app

Startup News - 18 hours 46 min ago
 Pinterest is adding a new feature today that allows users to pinch a photo to zoom in and out on various Pins, matching a feature that’s available on a lot of other services. As the company becomes increasingly focused on mobile and discovery centered around photos, users will start expecting the kinds of behaviors that exist on other services to exist on Pinterest. Read More
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Ghost, the open source blogging system, is ready for prime time

Startup News - 2017, August 16 - 1:00pm
 Four long years ago John O’Nolan released a content management system for bloggers that was as elegant as it was spooky. Called Ghost, the original app was a promising Kickstarter product with little pizazz. Now the app is ready to take on your toughest blogs. O’Nolan just released version 1.0 of the software, a move that updates the tool with the best of modern blogging tools. You… Read More
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Andrew Ng is raising a $150M AI Fund

Startup News - 2017, August 16 - 11:50am
 We knew that Andrew Ng had more than just a series of deep learning courses up his sleeve when he announced the first phase of his last week. It’s clear now that the turn of Ng’s three part act is a $150 million venture capital fund, first noted by PEHub, targeting AI investments. Ng, who formerly founded Google’s Brain Team and served as chief scientist at… Read More
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Uber’s head of developer product leaves citing Kalanick’s ouster

Startup News - 2017, August 16 - 10:08am
 Without the heavyweight backing for the platform from former CEO Travis Kalanick, Uber’s head of developer product Chris Saad is leaving the company. It’s unclear where the platform will rank in Uber’s revised priorities as it tries to right the ship, and so he tells me he is moving on to a company where working with outside developers is a central focus. Saad stressed… Read More
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Database provider MongoDB has filed confidentially for IPO

Startup News - 2017, August 16 - 8:11am
 MongoDB has filed confidentially for IPO, sources tell TechCrunch. The company has submitted an S-1 filing in the past few weeks and is aiming to go public before the end of the year. New York-based MongoDB helps companies including Adobe, eBay and Citigroup manage databases. Some of its offerings include its name-bearing MongoDB open source database and the Atlas database-as-a-service… Read More
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Narrativ helps publishers make more money when they drive sales

Startup News - 2017, August 16 - 1:03am
 Narrativ founder and CEO Shirley Chen said there’s a big revenue opportunity that’s gone largely untapped by online publishers — namely, the links those publishers are already using to direct readers to buy the products mentioned in an article. Sure, affiliate links are a common business model, where publishers get a cut of the business that they’re sending to retailers. Read More
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Microsoft acquires Cycle Computing

Startup News - 2017, August 16 - 12:49am
 Microsoft today announced that it has acquired Cycle Computing, a twelve-year-old Connecticut-based company that focuses on helping enterprises orchestrate high-performance computing jobs, large data workloads and other “big computing” jobs in the cloud. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed. Read More
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Huddle is a mental health app that aims to be a safe space to share with peers

Startup News - 2017, August 16 - 12:00am
 Dan Blackman’s father was a well-known man in the community of his small Pennsylvania town. He was a lawyer, ran a good business and everyone liked him and liked drinking with him. His dad died a few years ago from a combination of liver and lung cancer. His dad was what they call a functioning alcoholic. “It wasn’t until I started talking to my family a bit more that I… Read More
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OneSignal raises $7M for its free push notification tools

Startup News - 2017, August 16 - 12:00am
 Push notifications are one of the main ways we connect with our apps —  but according to OneSignal CEO George Deglin, most of the tools for managing those notifications are too expensive without offering the features that developers need. Deglin’s company started out as a Y Combinator-backed mobile developer  called Hiptic Games. It was as a game developer that he said he… Read More
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Minibar Delivery alcohol marketplace picks up $5 million in funding

Startup News - 2017, August 15 - 10:29pm
 Minibar Delivery , a marketplace for wine, beer and spirits, has today announced the close of a $5 million funding round led by Corigin Ventures, with participation from Female Founders Fund, Winklevoss Capital, LaunchCapital and RiverPark Ventures. Minibar Delivery launched back in 2013, trying to give liquor stores an ecommerce outlet and users the ability to buy booze with the click of a… Read More
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Allen-backed AI2 incubator aims to connect AI startups with world-class talent

Startup News - 2017, August 15 - 10:02pm
 You can’t swing a cat these days without hitting some incubator or accelerator, or a startup touting its artificial intelligence chops — but for some reason, there are few if any incubators focused just on the AI sector. Seattle’s Allen Institute for AI is doing just that, with the promise of connecting small classes of startups with the organization’s formidable… Read More
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Homelight raises $40 million to help home sellers find the best real estate agents

Startup News - 2017, August 15 - 10:00pm
 HomeLight was founded in 2012 to connect home owners looking to sell with real estate agents in their area who are likely to close quickly and get the best price for their homes. With its business quickly growing, the company has raised $40 million in new funding led by Menlo Ventures. Read More
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Casper announces a new high-end mattress called the Wave

Startup News - 2017, August 15 - 9:06pm
 Casper is unveiling a new mattress that co-founder and Chief Product Officer Jeff Chapin said responds to your body’s shape, combining the best elements of soft and firm mattresses. The Wave mattress comes with a higher price tag, starting at $1,000 for a twin and extending up to $1,850 for a queen and $2,250 for a California king. (The price for Casper’s regular mattress ranges… Read More
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Smilo’s products are designed to be healthy for babies and easy on parents’ eyes

Startup News - 2017, August 15 - 8:00pm
 For a basic baby item, picking the right pacifier is surprisingly daunting. Many new parents have no idea how many different pacifiers are on the market until they are staring bleary-eyed at store shelves. Babies are also notoriously picky about their soothers and often reject several brands before finding their favorite, but it’s also important to use pacifiers that won’t hinder… Read More
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London fintech Tail is a cashback platform built on the promise of Open Banking

Startup News - 2017, August 15 - 2:04am
 London-based Tail is a new fintech startup that offers a glimpse into the promise of Open Banking. This is seeing upcoming legislation in the EU and U.K. force banks to offer third-party developer access to your bank account data — with your permission, of course. Read More
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NGOs and nonprofits, apply to exhibit at TechCrunch Disrupt SF’s Startup Alley

Startup News - 2017, August 15 - 12:05am
 Attention nonprofits and NGOs! Apply to showcase in Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt SF on Wednesday, September 20th. Applications are open from now till August 21st. Read More
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Uber’s design director on what it took to redesign a global product

Startup News - 2017, August 15 - 12:00am
 Didier Hilhorst is a director of design at Uber. In this episode, he shares how his graduate degree in economics helped mold him as a designer and, in turn, shape how he and his team redesigned Uber from the ground up. It’s not every day economics and design overlap with one another. But for Didier, they do. He explains how elements usually not thought of as a design tool, such as price,… Read More
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