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Metro could save R141 million over next 5 years following internal telecomms audit

Google News - VoIP - 2017, April 24 - 5:03pm
Trollip said that this VOIP network would see all internal phone calls made via an internet connection using the most cost-effective call routing system, ...
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JVC Announces Partnership with Peplink

Google News - VoIP - 2017, April 24 - 3:33pm
Peplink combines multiple connections to create an unbreakable backbone for the ProHD Wireless Bridge video over IP (VoIP) solution for ...
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Flower Shop Owners Are Taking Notice To Business Phone Service Plans and Phones At An ...

Google News - VoIP - 2017, April 24 - 3:22pm
TieTechnology, a leading provider of top florist business phone service plans, gives companies the ability to save money month after month with VoIP.
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Social media users infuriated by online calls disruption, NTRA denies blockage

Google News - VoIP - 2017, April 24 - 12:11am
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services like Facebook Messenger call, Apple's FaceTime and Viber have experienced repeated interruptions ...
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NTRA denies blocking <b>VOIP</b> services in Egypt

Google News - VoIP - 2017, April 22 - 10:47pm
However, this excuse is questionable, since VOIP services are still fully accessible through virtual private networks (VPN), pointing to an involvement ...
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Why do telecoms want to deregulate phone service?

Google News - VoIP - 2017, April 22 - 12:00am
You don't even need an Internet connection for calls to travel over VoIP technology. Basically, VoIP is just a method of getting calls from one place to ...
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ZD Prod Verify Doc

VoiP News - research - 2017, April 21 - 9:40pm
ZD Test
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