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Updated: 5 hours 14 min ago

Mike Moritz and the declining America worker

8 hours 6 min ago
 Storied Sequoia investor Mike Moritz threw fire into the tech Twitter gumbo with his observations of hard-working Chinese workers and slothful Silicon Valley engineers. Moritz, a billionaire, clearly needs page views to fund his retirement. The major money quote about Silicon Valley is this: “In recent months, there have been complaints about the political sensibilities of speakers… Read More
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Women’s March embraces collaborative social app Crunchet

11 hours 18 min ago
 Today’s nationwide Women’s March attendees will advocate for voter registration through every conceivable social network, so one of its planning organizations has allied with a new app that lets you combine posts from across apps. Crunchet will help the Women’s March Alliance and Chicago march create collages of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Spotify, and… Read More
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Meet top startups from Alchemist Class 17

2018, January 20 - 1:52am
 Yesterday Alchemist Accelerator, best known for working with enterprise startups, held its 17th demo day at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, California. Twenty-four startups pitched ideas ranging from personalized genomics to hard tech spinouts from Stanford’s Linear Accelerator.  Rather than expound upon all twenty-four I worked with Alchemist to bring you a top… Read More
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Where is crypto heading in 2018? We talk to some folks who might know

2018, January 20 - 1:35am
Cryptomania! This week was rough for HODLers. We took to the halls of CES and then spoke to some folks in the know about the future of crypto, the ever-changing price, and where crypto is headed in 2018. Join me, Jameson Lopp , and Michelle Tsng as we dig into cryptomania. Credits Written by: John Biggs Hosted by: John Biggs Filmed by: Chris Gates Edited by: Chris Gates Read More
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France’s Digital Minister Mounir Mahjoubi on French startups

2018, January 20 - 1:07am
 More than 270 French startups flew all the way to Las Vegas for CES 2018. And France’s Secretary of State for Digital Affairs Mounir Mahjoubi came there to support them. I had the opportunity to sit down and interview him about the current state of the tech ecosystem in France and how it can compete at a global level. Mahjoubi joined Emmanuel Macron’s team as the person in charge… Read More
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Foursquare is finally proving its (dollar) value

2018, January 20 - 12:56am
 In 2009, Facebook was just getting popular with moms and grandmas. People were playing Farmville. Twitter was just becoming mainstream. And Foursquare launched on to the scene. Back then, Foursquare was just another social network, letting users check in to locations they visit and potentially receive badges for those check-ins. A lot has changed since 2009, but Foursquare still remains,… Read More
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Clever looks to give teachers and students an easy-to-track progress report

2018, January 19 - 11:47pm
 The classic problem of how teachers should devote resources to their students, such as helping students that are struggling in specific areas, is one that’s still ever-present — but it needs a deceptively-simple approach to making that more manageable, even if it’s just a colored progress bar if Clever CEO Tyler Bosmeny gets his way. That’s why Clever, a portal for… Read More
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French VC firm Ring Capital raises $170 million fund

2018, January 19 - 9:19pm
 Meet Ring Capital, a brand new VC firm based in Paris. The firm just raised a new $170 million fund (€140 million) and might still be raising another $10 million or so for this fund. Many new VC firms tend to focus on seed rounds at first. Ring Capital thinks there’s a Series A and Series B gap in France. That’s why Ring Capital plans to invest around €5 to €10 million ($6 to… Read More
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Tile lays off dozens after a disappointing holiday

2018, January 19 - 10:57am
 Tile, one of the best known item-tracking gadgets out there, has laid off some 30 people and reportedly froze the potential hires of another 10, TechCrunch has learned. This comes less than a year after the company raised a $25 million B round last May. The layoffs are reportedly due to disappointing sales over the holidays. Read More
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AI voice assistant developer Rokid raises $100M Series B extension to build its US presence

2018, January 19 - 10:00am
 Rokid, a Chinese startup that makes an AI voice assistant and smart devices, just raised a Series B extension round led by Temasek Holdings, with participation from Credit Suisse, IDG Capital and CDIB Capital. The size of the round was not released, but a source familiar with the deal told TechCrunch that it is $100 million. Read More
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Snap Inc. lays off at least two dozen amid slowed user growth and engagement

2018, January 19 - 8:09am
 Snap Inc. has laid off at least two dozen people across several divisions within the company, according to The Information, which first reported the news. Snap has since confirmed these layoffs, which largely affect those on the content teams in the New York and London offices. Read More
Categories: Business News wants to make FDA compliance easier for startups

2018, January 19 - 7:14am
 The FDA approval process can be like navigating a minefield for health startups hoping to get through regulations and begin selling to the American public. YC company hopes to help these small businesses by automating the process for them. Biomedical engineer Jared Seehafer came up with the idea through his own experience consulting with health companies. Read More
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Fortnite Battle Royale gets an updated map

2018, January 19 - 1:27am
 Fortnite, which has topped 50 million players, has released an update to the game in the form of version V.2.2.0. The patch is significant in that it brings a long-awaited update to the Battle Royale map. Fortnite Battle Royale quite literally takes a page out of the PUBG playbook. In it, 100 players are dropped into a map, where they loot for gear and try to take down the competition. But… Read More
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Group Nine Media hires Stacy Green as its first chief people officer

2018, January 19 - 12:41am
 Group Nine Media has hired Stacy Green to lead its human resources team. The company was created at the end of 2016 by the merger of Thrillist, The Dodo, NowThis and Seeker. CEO Ben Lerer said that at the time, he assumed there would be a “Lego-like” process of combining the best teams from each organization — and since Thrillist had the largest HR staff, it seemed natural… Read More
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Birch raises $1 million to help you reap the best credit card rewards

2018, January 18 - 11:00pm
 Birch Finance, a TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 Battlefield alum, has raised a $1 million seed round from AGP Miami, Kevin Johnson, the former CEO of Ebates and Frank Azor, founder of Alienware. The plan is to grow Birch Finance’s user base and increase its opportunities for monetization. Birch Finance aims to help people make the most of the credit cards in their wallets by telling them… Read More
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Audience data provider Eyeota raises $12.5M

2018, January 18 - 11:00pm
 Eyeota is looking to sell audience data to advertisers around the world, and it’s announcing that it’s raised $12.5 million in Series B funding for further growth. The company was actually founded back in 2010, but it didn’t raise its Series A until two years ago. CEO Kevin Tan admitted that the company had been “difficult for early-stage investors to wrap their head… Read More
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Ledger raises another $75 million to become the leader in cryptocurrency hardware wallets

2018, January 18 - 5:18pm
 Ledger just raised an impressive Series B round of $75 million (€61 million), led by Draper Esprit. The startup already raised a $7 million round last year. But the cryptocurrency mania probably made it easy to raise more money. If you have more than a bit of money in cryptocurrencies, chances are you’ve heard about Ledger wallets. The French startup has been designing some of the… Read More
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Company builder Entrepreneur First is expanding to Berlin

2018, January 18 - 3:30am
 Entrepreneur First (EF), the London-headquartered company builder that invests in individuals “pre-team, pre-idea” to help create new technology startups, is continuing to expand internationally. Following adding an outpost and program in Singapore, in addition to London, the so-called talent-first investor is setting up shop in Berlin, kicking off its first German program this April. Read More
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Natural home products startup Grove Collaborative bets niche wins over the Amazonization of everything

2018, January 18 - 2:45am
 Who needs Amazon when you can make your own online distribution channel? At least, that’s the idea behind Grove Collaborative, a natural home care products company that ships natural cleaning brands like Method and Mrs. Meyer’s. Co-founder Stuart Landesberg started the company in 2014 after working with retail brands during his time as an investor at TPG. He noticed how limited… Read More
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The Ocean Solutions Accelerator will nurture companies looking to keep our planet blue

2018, January 18 - 2:28am
 You can’t swing a cat in the Bay Area without hitting some startup accelerator or another, but it can be hard to find one with a mission. That’s the easy part with the Ocean Solutions Accelerator, a new program that aims to help advance startups in tech and conservation relating to… you guessed it, the big blue. They’re now accepting applications for their first wave… Read More
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