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Stitch Fix has filed for an IPO, and the numbers look good

2017, October 20 - 5:19am
 Stitch Fix has filed to go public, finally revealing the financial guts of the startup which will be a test of modern e-commerce businesses that are looking to hit the market — and the numbers look pretty great! Let’s start off really quick with profits: aside from the last two quarters, Stitch Fix posted a six-quarter streak of positive net income. We talk a lot about companies… Read More
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Data is the name of the game, as Intel Capital puts $60M in 15 startups, $566M in 2017 overall

2017, October 20 - 3:15am
 Intel Capital, the investment arm of the processor giant, is today announcing its latest tranche of investments, a total of nearly $60 million going in to 15 startups that are working on solving different problems in the bigger area of big data (with a full rundown below). The investments come on the back of a big year for the group: In 2017 so far, Intel says that it’s invested $566… Read More
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The first episode of ‘Bubbleproof’ sets the stage for chaos on Sand Hill Road

2017, October 20 - 2:54am
 Bubbleproof is a new mockumentary series following the misadventures of founder Michael Fertik and venture capitalist David Cowan as they launch a new fund. Watch the first episode of Bubbleproof… and if you like it, good news: We’ve already published the next three episodes. Read More
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Two Google alums just raised $60M to rethink documents

2017, October 20 - 2:22am
 When you open a Google doc or a spreadsheet, you get a blank spreadsheet and some documentation as to what you can do with it — and that’s pretty much where we’ve been for quite some time. But two MIT graduates, coming in from Microsoft and Google, have built up a team that for the past three years has quietly been trying to rethink how we approach documents. CEO Shishir… Read More
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PayKey raises $10M for its millennial-targeted “social banking” smartphone keyboard

2017, October 20 - 1:27am
 Banks face an increasingly crowded battlefield in the fight for millennial customers. Not only do they have to compete with services like Venmo, but many messaging apps are adding their own peer-to-peer payment services. Tel Aviv-based startup PayKey thinks it has the solution with a smartphone keyboard that lets bank customers access financial services without having to log onto a banking app. Read More
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Feeling blue might lead to faster broadband

2017, October 19 - 11:36pm
 In what could amount to a sea change in the way we transmit data over fiber optics, researchers at University College London have found a new way speed things up by changing the color of the transmitted light. “To maximise the capacity of optical fibre links, data is transmitted using different wavelengths, or colours, of light. Ideally, we’d dedicate a wavelength to each subscriber… Read More
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Snaps raises $6M to expand its marketing platform for messaging apps

2017, October 19 - 11:22pm
 Snaps has raised $6 million in Series A funding for what it calls its Conversational Marketing Cloud. By that, it’s referring to a suite of tools that allows businesses to promote themselves through messaging. CEO Christian Brucculeri said Snaps is differentiated by its “write once and deploy everywhere approach,” allowing marketers to build things like chatbots and emoji… Read More
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The canaries in a coal mine

2017, October 19 - 10:41pm
 I’ve seen startups come and go over the years and I was particularly interested to see what happened to August Home today. The company originally tapped Yves Behar to make a better smart lock, one that would meld with the sensitivities of a certain kind of smart home stylist with the high-concept, high-tech design of the Nest thermostat. The products, while beautiful, were unusable in… Read More
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Feather raises $3.5M to rent furniture to millennials

2017, October 19 - 9:00pm
 The furniture rental industry is stuck in the last. Current options involve old-school companies like CORT where most of the inventory will make your apartment look like a dorm room, or a place like Rent-A-Center where you’ll almost certainly pay many times what the item is actually worth. Enter Feather, a company trying to breathe some life into the aging industry by letting… Read More
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London-based on-demand delivery startup Jinn shutters

2017, October 19 - 6:46pm
 Jinn, the London-based startup that offers a same-hour ‘shop on your behalf’ delivery app that operates quite similarly to Postmates in the U.S., has shut down, with the company in the process of going into administration. Read More
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European house removals platform Movinga raises up to another €22M

2017, October 19 - 3:45pm
 Movinga, the European platform for house removals that was seemingly written off last year, continues to perform what appears to be an impressive turn around. The Berlin-headquartered startup has closed a new funding round of up to €22 million led by Santo Venture Capital, the venture arm of the Strüngmann family office, with participation from existing backers Earlybird Venture Capital… Read More
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MongoDB prices its IPO at $24 per share

2017, October 19 - 9:11am
 MongoDB has finished up what is essentially the final step in going public, pricing its IPO at $24 and raising $192 million in the process. The company will debut on the public markets tomorrow and will once again test the waters for companies that are looking to build full-fledged businesses on the back of open-sourced software. MongoDB provides open-sourced database software that can be… Read More
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Atlas Informatics calls it quits after less than a year

2017, October 19 - 8:43am
 Atlas Informatics, whose Atlas Recall promised an intuitive and powerful way to index all your information across many services, is shutting down less than a year after launch. There will be no long sunset period: all user data will be deleted next Friday, the 27th. Read More
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Truffle now lets you share your food tips via iMessage

2017, October 19 - 7:28am
 While you’ve already got Yelp and other apps to help you figure out where to eat, Truffle is designed specifically for sharing recommendations with friends and other people you know. A new update should make that sharing even easier. The big addition is an iMessage app, which means (you guessed it) that Truffle is now integrated with iMessage. Read More
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eBay is having a pretty bad day

2017, October 19 - 5:37am
 eBay is not having a great afternoon after posting a pretty ho-hum third quarter that fit roughly in line with analyst estimates, but perhaps not seeing the kinds of leaps that Wall Street is looking for heading into the fourth quarter. The company said it added an additional 2 million active buyers and now says it has 168 million global active buyers. But even with buyer numbers as large as… Read More
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Dropit runs live auctions on stadium scoreboards that fans bid on from the stands

2017, October 19 - 3:55am
 There’s no doubt that our collective mobile device addictions are hurting real-world engagement for advertisers. This is especially true in professional sports stadiums, where looking down at your phone means you’re not paying attention to announcements, advertisements, and sometimes even the live game. One New Zealand-based startup think they have an answer to this problem. Dropit… Read More
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AdHawk acquires Automate Ads to improve Google and Facebook ad campaigns

2017, October 19 - 2:20am
 AdHawk is announcing that it has acquired one of its competitors, Y Combinator-backed Automate Ads. Even if you weren’t a customer, Automate Ads may sound familiar because it was previously known as Kuhcoon, a social advertising startup co-founded by Andrew Torba, who has since been in the news for getting banned from the YC alumni network and for his social network, which has… Read More
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Bespoke Post raises $8M to deliver a monthly ‘box of awesome’ for men

2017, October 18 - 10:45pm
 Thanks to the Internet, you can order regular deliveries of everything from clothing to razors to geeky memorabilia. With Bespoke Post, you’re not just limited to one type of products — it ships its customer “box of awesome” that could be focused on style, travel, alcohol or something else entirely. Co-founder and CEO Rishi Prabhu explained that the goal is to curate… Read More
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InVision takes on Adobe with the introduction of Studio

2017, October 18 - 10:00pm
 InVision, the collaborative prototyping tool used by more 3 million people, has been around since 2011. But today, InVision is taking on the full stack with the announcement of its own Photoshop competitor. Meet Studio. InVision’s new Studio design tool goes toe-to-toe with Adobe Photoshop and Sketch, offering designers a way to both create and edit their work and then seamlessly send… Read More
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Pinterest opens up search advertising in its Ads Manager

2017, October 18 - 8:00pm
 Pinterest began rolling out targeted ads based on searches for its partners earlier this year, giving it another moment in time to catch potential customers as they try to sniff out new things they might buy — and now everyone else will get a piece of that. The company said it is adding search ads to its Ads manager today, letting businesses target customers searching for potential… Read More
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