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Updated: 4 hours 19 min ago

Value Voting launches from YC to supercharge the work of political advocates

2017, August 11 - 1:17am
 The ascendance of the so-called “hard right” in the US and the Trump administration’s work to protect its power means it’s unlikely the movement will be beaten by Democrats or left leaning parties at this point. The power of the hard right in red-states has become institutionalized. So perhaps the answer is, instead, empowering traditional Conservatives who are… Read More
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Coinbase raises $100M at a $1.6B valuation amid explosive growth

2017, August 11 - 1:02am
 Coinbase has had a pretty crazy six months. It may be hard to remember, but at the beginning of 2017 the cryptocurrency world was a different place. Bitcoin was below $1000 per coin and the entire market cap for all cryptocurrencies was about 7x less than it is today. Since then, the market has surged. And as arguably the most established wallet and exchange service that exists today, Coinbase… Read More
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BuzzFeed hires Eric Karp as its first head of licensing

2017, August 11 - 1:00am
 Get ready for more BuzzFeed-branded products. The company has hired Eric Karp, previously the general manager of licensing at Crayola, as its first head of licensing. Karp will be working with outside partners to develop new products around BuzzFeed brands. BuzzFeed has already been moving into unusual product areas with things like the Glamspin (a fidget spinner with lip gloss) and the Tasty… Read More
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betaworks ventures is a not-so-new $50 million early-stage fund

2017, August 11 - 12:55am
 betaworks, the startup studio responsible for companies like Giphy, TweetDeck, and Dots, is today formally announcing the launch of a $50 million early-stage fund called betaworks ventures. betaworks ventures has actually been active in the market for the last year, though operating somewhat under the radar, and betaworks has been making investments long before that from the over-arching… Read More
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AssemblyAI wants to put customized speech recognition within reach of any developer

2017, August 11 - 12:42am
 It’s clear that voice is becoming a major interface, as we witness the rise of the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Siri, Cortana and their ilk. We’re also seeing an increasing use of chat bots and other voice-driven tools, which often require speech recognition with a very specific vocabulary. That’s where AssemblyAI, a member of the Summer ’17 Y Combinator class comes in.… Read More
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Color Genomics goes beyond cancer with a test for heart health

2017, August 11 - 12:00am
 Cancer and heart disease are the two leading causes of death in the United States. So far, Color Genomics has been focused on testing for mutations leading to a higher risk of certain cancers. But, today the four-year-old company is introducing a new category of genetic testing for cardiovascular health. The new Color Hereditary High Cholesterol Test will tell you if you have a genetic… Read More
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Brayola picks up another $2.5 million to make sure your bra fits

2017, August 10 - 10:01pm
 Finding a bra that fits well is hard, but Brayola is looking to make it easier. The ecommerce platform for bras has raised another $2.5 million in Series A financing, bringing the total A round to $5 million. Investors include The Firstime Fund, Ilan Shiloah, Nir Tralovsky, Jonathan Benartzi, Gett founders Shahar Waiser and Roi More, and Haim Dabah. The strategy behind Brayola is simple.… Read More
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PhishMe offers free phishing training tool to SMBs

2017, August 10 - 10:00pm
 There are lots of reasons scammers send a phishing email. They may want to get access to the company network or perhaps a quick payout with ransomware. Maybe it’s just a good old-fashioned con to trick someone into sending money or personally identifiable information, but whatever the reason, everyday countless phishing emails are sent into the world, and some percentage of them are… Read More
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Amplitude raises another $30M for its product-focused analytics tools

2017, August 10 - 9:00pm
 Amplitude has raised $30 million to fund what CEO Spenser Skates said is a mission of “helping product people build better products.” That’s not quite how Amplitude pitched itself initially, which was more about undercutting other analytics companies on price. Skates (pictured above with his co-founder Curtis Liu) said this is less a change in direction for the company than a… Read More
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Glint is a stealthy London fintech startup that promises to turn gold into a ‘new global currency’

2017, August 10 - 4:53pm
 Glint, a stealthy London fintech startup that promises a new “global currency,” has raised £3.1 million from a plethora of individual backers in the financial services and asset management space, alongside early-stage investor Bray Capital. Read More
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